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Achieve Security Data Lake Mastery
without Cost & Mission Creep


Bridging data silos in a fast changing threat environment

SIEM solutions are effective at providing basic correlation and search capabilities but don’t provide the advanced and custom analytics needed to make sense of data at scale, especially over long time frames. In response many lean-forward security teams today deploy a data lake in addition to their traditional SIEM, adding more cost-effective and versatile big data capabilities. While expanding data processing and analytics capabilities to keep up with evolving adversaries, it has also created mission creep, and additional complexity and data silos for security teams to overcome.

Our Solution

Data Orchestration (ETL) for Security Data Lakes

For security organizations using a security data lake in addition to/or instead of a SIEM, Auguria simplifies and automates the integration of diverse security technologies and data formats to enable cost-reduction, long-term data retention, and advanced analytics.

Auguria connects to and ingests data from wherever it lives, including SIEMs, XDRs, Data Lakes, and APIs. All data is automatically normalized to the OCSF schema and is timeline standardized. Users can do any final data shaping with our spreadsheet-inspired data workbench. Teams can then build multi-source and destination routes using Auguria’s no-code ETL workflow editor, ensuring the right data gets to the best place, whether for live search or long-term forensics.

How It Works

Bifurcated SIEM + Data Lake

Automate Data Collection & Normalization Graphic


Streamlined Security Data Operations, Smarter Decision Making

Security teams using Auguria can build sophisticated security architectures without the need for scarce data engineering expertise or the overheads of repurposing general-purpose tools. Users benefit from intuitive visual workflow editors and simple but powerful no- and low-code building blocks to rapidly design and deploy their own detection and analytics pipelines. Our intuitive platform accelerates the design and deployment of detection and analytics pipelines, optimizing data storage to reduce costs, and ensuring that relevant data is readily available for comprehensive analysis. This results in more efficient decision-making and smarter security operations.

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Auguria is inviting interested organizations to apply for platform access. If you’re eager to learn more, we encourage you to get in touch using the form below.

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