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Augment Security


Alert Overload and Analyst Burnout

Typically 97-99% of security events are benign or not immediately relevant especially to emergent situations. Flagging these using traditional analytics or conventional automation is challenging due to their volume alone. Adversaries have evolved their tactics, techniques, and procedures to evade purely automated detection, often instead requiring human reasoning to determine good from bad. As a consequence, security analysts are susceptible to becoming desensitized. What’s real? What’s a false positive? Am I sure? Data volume makes it hard to spot crucial information during a breach in progress. And this is further compounded by the increased heterogeneous types of event data inbound 24/7. Humans struggle to process such massive amounts of information, leading to team burnout and degrading the operational effectiveness of the SOC.

Our Solution

Decision Support for Incident Response and Threat Hunting

In an environment where every second counts, Auguria works alongside security teams, providing them with actionable insights and freeing them from the burden of manually sifting through data. This human-AI collaboration is at the heart of Auguria’s approach, combining the best of technological innovation with the irreplaceable expertise of human analysts.

Sitting between your XDR, SIEM, or data lake, Auguria first deduplicates and compacts all data to eliminate any redundancies and summarize aggregate information. All data traversing Auguria’s Security Knowledge Layer is then ranked semantically and assigned a priority along a spectrum from normal to highly unusual. Everything is mapped to a comprehensive ontology, enriching every event with meaningful criteria designed to support human operators to make decisions rapidly and confidently.

How It Works

Automated Data Compaction, Enrichment, and Prioritization

Automatically Denoise Data

Tag benign activity from genuine threats to filter out false positives and radically reduce data volume for analysis.

Classify and Rank All Events

Enable granular filtering and sorting that allows security analysts to focus on the 1% of data that is most critical.

Drive Better Decisions with Enriched Data

Reveal meaningful context and criteria for every event, accelerating human decision-making and MTTR.


Faster Response, Lower Fatigue

By automating the process of distinguishing between false positives and genuine threats, Auguria reduces alert fatigue, streamlines security operations, and gives security teams the confidence and insight to focus on the 1% of data that requires urgent response.

SOC teams benefit immeasurably from security data that is intelligently ranked and meaningfully enriched to help answer questions about suspicious and anomalous activity, making it easier for them to identify, understand, and respond to real threats efficiently.

Analysts can finally easily rule out the knowns and reveal the unknowns faster with higher precision and explainability. By spending less time on false alarms, teams can redirect their efforts towards strategic initiatives aimed at maintaining security and compliance amidst evolving threats and SEC regulations.

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