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Build Federated
and Open XDR


Overcoming multi-vendor and multi-source data complexity

Security teams face many challenges when building their own federated or open detection and response (Open XDR) architecture. Hybrid work means collecting and receiving data from increasingly diverse environments including endpoints, networks, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS services, a lack of industry-wide standards means integrating incompatible data types, and some vendors make it unnecessarily difficult for their technology to play nice with others. As a result, security teams spend excessive time and effort on maintaining integrations or wrangling data, rather than on threat detection and analysis.

Our Solution

Achieve Cyberplasticity and Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Auguria supports over 650 distinct data formats for more than 350 unique products (and counting), allowing seamless integration across different platforms. Our platform not only automates the normalization process, ensuring all data is unified into the universal OCSF standard, but also intelligently deduplicates, compacts, and aggregates data. This denoises the data to speed up incident response but also means data gets shaped into the most cost-efficient state for further processing and storage. Classifying and ranking event data further augments security teams, enabling very granular, and precise advanced analytics capabilities for deeper and faster insights, and more effective threat detection strategies.

How It Works

Standalone Security Data Lake (SDL)

Build Federated and Open XDR Graphic


Flexibility, No More Vendor Lock-In

Auguria’s approach radically improves the operational efficiency of security teams building and managing detection and response architectures. Automating and streamlining the data normalization process not only saves valuable time but also significantly reduces the complexity involved in managing multi-source security data. This leads to quicker and more accurate threat detection and response, crucial in today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Auguria empowers organizations to move beyond the limitations of vendor-specific solutions, offering the flexibility to adapt to new threats and technologies. This ensures that security operations are not just reactive but also prepared for the future.

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Auguria is inviting interested organizations to apply for platform access. If you’re eager to learn more, we encourage you to get in touch using the form below.

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